Detective Services

Detective Services - investigation agency

Number one investigation agency in Coimbatore among the others. We are investigating very secretly and very confidentially. We are providing each and every information to our client accurately. Fraud investigation, missing persons, background checks, employment screening, matrimonial investigation, pre- employment screening, pre & post marital investigation, divorce cases solution,extra marital affairs verification, pre-matrimonial investigation.We at complete detective service carry out a special service assisting you in taking the right decision by checking and verifying the details and information given to you by the other family for the purpose of marriage. Marriage can make his/her life heaven or hell. Do not take chances for your loved ones, lest you repent, and he/she hold you responsible for ruining his/her married life by not getting the facts verified beforehand. We are the leading agency in India.

Private Investigation:

  • Background Screening / Pre-employment Verification:
  • Post-Employment Verification
  • Undercover Agent
  • Asset Verification
  • Credit Worthiness and Due Diligence
  • Intellectual Property & Infringement of Trade Mark
  • Verification of Insurance Claims
  • Verification of Birth & Marriage Certificates
  • Pre-Matrimonial
  • Post-Matrimonial
  • Security Audit
  • Litigation Support
  • Risk Analysis and Mitigation

  • ACE FACILITY boasts of a highly diverse list of clients ranging from large conglomerates to individuals. We have worked with some of the largest companies across the Globe and offered solutions that have saved them much trouble.ACE client list is a veritable Who's Who of Indian business, industry, government and society – leading Indian and foreign banks, insurance companies, government departments, public sector undertakings, foreign consulates, national and multinational companies, eminent professionals and individuals.

    Due to confidential and privacy issues, we cannot reveal the names of clients who have availed of our Investigation and Detective services.We are currently undertaking security for some of the largest MNC’s in India. We are also proud to be associated with some very prestigious organizations across the country by taking care of their Security needs.