Pest control services

Pest control services in Coimbatore:

Some people think of bugs or insects when they hear the word "pests", while others think of raccoons, squirrel, mice, or rats (in some areas, even deer might fit the "pest" category for some people!). So what is pest control? A "pest" is any insect, rodent, or wildlife that is considered undesirable because they either invade people's homes or businesses, causing damage or heightening the risk of communicating a disease or illness. So pest control would be the process of managing (by using deterrents or repellents) or removing pests from the house or place of business.

  • Figure out where pests are entering the home;
  • Deal with any pests already in the home (identification of the type of pest is done first, of course);
  • Advise whether there is any damage due to pests;
  • Spray regularly to help prevent insects, if you wish;
  • Seal off entry points that we don't have ready or easy access to.

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